//4 Home Remodeling Mistakes That Can Cost You Big Time

4 Home Remodeling Mistakes That Can Cost You Big Time

Many people find undertaking a home remodeling project to be traumatic. For starters, it is the investment, which for the average kitchen is around $22k. Even a smaller scale project like bathroom remodeling can cost $10k. Not to mention that managing everything is tricky. You need to balance people like contractors, architects, designers, subcontractors etc.

The upside to all of that chaos is that the remodeling project if it sails through smoothly, is rewarding. In the spirit of making your remodeling project easier, below are four mistakes you have to avoid.

Expediting the Work

Home improvement shows allude to the average homeowner being able to build a home in a week, but that’s not real life it is TV! Home renovations for the average American require planning, and you need time to outline what needs to be done, allocate a budget and then find the right people for the job.

Even the smallest home renovation project is enormous and time-consuming. You need time, and that time needs to be padded with a few extra weeks just in case things get sidelined. That will allow you to work through all the steps required to pull off the project successfully.

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Overlooking the Team Dynamic

Your team will ideally include an architect, contractor, specialty designer, decorator, etc. The mistake we see many people make is working with the architect and going very far into the plan without consulting with a contractor, and that leads to the budgeting of the project mushrooming to more than what was originally allocated. So, the key is to assemble all the right people early on during the planning phase, as that is what will eliminate issues later on.

Not Listening to Your Gut

You will want to interview multiple contractors and weigh in the pros and cons of each. Even though a contractor or an architect may have an excellent working relationship with the people who recommended them to you, but until you meet them in person, it is hard to know. Not to mention that the contractor should have a good working relationship with the architect. So, meeting all of these people in person is paramount.

If your gut says that the initial meeting was rushed, or there were rude or condescending remarks, then that’s only going to be exponentially magnified during the renovation project.

Bad Communication

Being able to communicate with your people is very important. The project can be anything but without good communication, things can go sideways quickly. If you have a good rapport with the contractor, they might help you work through disagreements. Establish the best way to communicate, may it be over the phone, text or email and make sure everyone who has a stake in the project is in on the gig.

Always contact a professional home remodeling team like us who can help you every step of the way.

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